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Quality vs. Quantity

So how does the readout of bühler & partners architects?

investment-malagaWe are since 1996 on the Costa del Sol and know the real estate market as well as the usual tricks of the seller. Again and again we come across interesting properties in Malaga or the Costa del Sol. We are especially interested objects that come from foreclosures, or even over friends get here. With all the property on the Costa del Sol, the readout, which we prepare for you is essential. And that’s why you will find only a handful of objects. Once we find a promising object, we will arrange a site visit. Already during the first visit, we consider mass and think the first remodeling ideas, it should be an old building. Back at the office, we create a floor plan of the stock, and a sketch of a possible and feasible idea. 90% of the properties that we visit are, by then already retired.

Our experience as a home inspector in Spain and our checklist helps us that we forget any relevant tests on the respective property. Once checked for marrow and released by us the object must still be below the current market price. Only then do we write an internal calculation, if the real estate investment – normal parameters provided – could generate an attractive return. In our internal calculation of all relevant factors are incorporated: Market Outlook, purchase price, ancillary costs of purchase (Plusvalia, notary, transmisiones etc.) compensated VAT, costs of reconstruction or construction, sales price, marketing, taxes, fees and charges. The bottom line quickly obtained in our calculation model, the relevant details. Our experience as a real estate valuer on the Costa del Sol are very helpful here.

Should you decide at the end of the purchase, we will of course help and advice to the side, prepare together with the notary the deed, solve the problem of local Plusvalia control etc. Should special building code or tenancy themes emerge, we will with we clarify / solve known lawyers. You may in any case forward to it a purchase “clean” object that is checked both technically legal (the lawyer).