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Plot in Mazagon Costa de la Luz

Bank owned: 6 plots on the Costa de la Luz, with a total area of approximately 150,000 m2, right on the beach. The plots are located to the south on the beach, to the north a access road, next to a saltwater lagoon. The infrastructure is except for some minor repairs done (roads and lighting, water, sewage, electricity, etc.), building permit can be arranged at short notice. According to Plan B only houses may be built (detached, semi-detached, single-family homes), but we should with the city also can negotiate a more contemporary building, about gated complexes with apartments. The maximum number of units must not be exceeded (250), nor the level (2 floors).

Sales price:   € 3,605,000, ROI: 200% in about 2 years.

The plot was rated the third crisis year (2011) with € 30 million (TINSA estimate is available) and is now being sold for € 3.605 million, just one-tenth of the former estimate. Included in the price are all Execution and court costs, legal fees, and outstanding fees to the city Mazagón. Also included are the brokerage brokers.

This exceptional project will surely not be long in the past who property and Spain a little knows who knows that especially beach locations are priceless, in Marbella the property portion of the living space can cost up to 4,500 €, would be at this property on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the purchase price not even € 100 / m2.

Our suggestion would be to sell 5 of 6 plots to purchase immediately, and to cultivate the most interesting land with a residential complex, with spacious apartments, community pool, direct beach access, etc. The new building could easily be from the revenue of Landverk ä ufe finance, no further funds so it would be required to purchase the land. Central European real estate buyers are interested in mainly for enclosed condominiums, high standards of comfort and security. So is the holiday in their own flat for convenient pleasure.

The plot is easy from the Sevilla airport is (100 km) or from the airport Faro in Portugal (90km). From both airports is a well-developed highway to Mazagon.