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Market & Prices:

What you need to know on the Costa del Sol.

Predictions about the development of the market and prices in Property investments are just like the stock market impossible. Too many factors influence the market. Therefore we can only rely on our instincts, as well as on some basics that are well known when buying property:

  • market-pricesLocation, location and location again.

  • Tourist interest: where others vacation life is good

  • Politically gesettelte and stable area.

  • Security

  • Purchasing power

  • Education and vocational

  • infrastructure

  • attractiveness

  • air

Because good locations in large cities are more and more unaffordable, medium-sized cities and tourist zones are interesting – with good future prospects. See also Keyword Gentrification /   gentrification.

All parameters appear in Malaga and Costa del Sol currently perfect. Ideal location all year season, global international purchasing power, attractive city and hinterland, exceptionally good climate (From September to June, 10 months Spring!), Best sports facilities, as well as an excellent infrastructure (the third largest airport in mainland Spain). In addition to education (Uni Malaga: about 40,000 students) is Malaga increasingly hold the center for high-tech, including University Hospital and University Campus). So applying Malaga for about 20 years the Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia – and is home to the renowned “Club Malaga Valley” ( http://openforbusiness.malaga.eu/ ), consisting of the directors of the most influential companies of Spain, as Telefónica, IBM , Microsoft, or Oracle. Together with the already existing melting pot of cultures makes the city unique Malaga for a value-preserving property investment.