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Condominium in Manilva

Condominium in Manilva

Situated in an idyllic location – approximately 1 km from the sea, the sea is within walking distance – we present a larger investment here. The condominium is fully completed, etc. exit roads, houses, infrastructure through insolvency for years. The damage to the community are mostly decorative nature to the project to make largest item resaleable are probably the gardens and general outdoor facilities, 2 pools have already been built.
Sales units (for sale) are furnished. The residential complex in Manilva consists of:

  • 258 apartments, in various sizes
  • 70 semi-detached houses
  • 29 single-family homes
  • 144 luxury apartments
  • 96 apartments in a “Pueblo”
  • 48 penthouses

Condominium-ManilvaThe purchase price is € 784 / m2 (in total € 38 million). ROI: 90%, a selling price should be from 1,800 € and 2,200 € possible, depending on the unit.

Manilva is a small village near Gibraltar. The focus of the potential buyers are mainly the affluent Gibraltarians who like to purchase a property near the British colony, for a residential complex in Manilva is much cheaper than the real estate prices in Gibraltar. From the residence of one is fast in the village of Manilva, as well as the marina La Duquesa, the beach is just over 1km and therefore it is within walking distance. Always worth a visit is the marina of Sotogrande. Legendary golf courses are close by, such as Valderrama or Sotogrande Golf. A good starting place, the price is very competitive, the investment should be doubled easily over a period of about a year since the start of the housing crisis on the Costa del Sol again.

The project “Condominium in Manilva”   was in various stages of approximately 5 prior – created 10 years years, for reasons of the crisis reported the developers of insolvent. Since then the project in court and looking for an investor.

There are even pilot apartments, fully furnished (but long stood empty), which can be very quickly aufmöbeln show purposes. Such sales units can be better buyers win because many can be the empty apartments imagine unfurnished, often so the sale fails because of the lack of imagination of the buyer.

After acquiring first have costs for repairs and maintenance to be provided, especially the garden is probably a bigger investment. The more beautiful the garden, the better can be sold, a beautiful garden needs to be well maintained and irrigated mainly.